Ayurvedic Treatments

Using a copper pot that is held by a hand-crafted stand, warm medicated oil is continuously poured over the client's third eye in a "thread of bliss".  This treatment is very profound and people are brought to a beautiful state of relaxation and some are even able to transcend.  
60 Minutes

Netra Basti
Many people spend hours of their day staring at some type of electrical screen, computer, cellphone, television, etc. and their eyes pay the price. With Netra Basti the client is lying on the table, face up.  Using a "dough dam" (chick pea flour that is formed into the shape of a doughnut and is placed and molded around each eye of the client) warm ghee (clarified butter, extremely medicinal) is gently poured in the eyes.  This lubricates the eyeball and stimulates the nerves.  It clears away allergy irritants and moisturizes the eye.  Clients with dry-eye, allergies, migraines, poor vision, and many other conditions, will benefit greatly from this treatment. 
30 Minutes

Using raw silk gloves, I will invigorate the skin of the client by exfoliating away dead cells and creating new, healthy cells.  From the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, most of the body will be treated (client's discretion) This process removes cellulite and increases blood flow. 
60 Minutes

Another body treatment from head to toe; but done using warm oil (that matches clients constitution) and essential botanical oils. 
60 Minutes

Garshana + Abhyanga recommended to combine these treatments
90 minutes

A very thorough head massage using medicated oils and "marma points".(Marma points are juncture points in the body where energy becomes trapped and stagnant.  Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes these same areas but labeled them as "acupressure points" 
30 Minutes

Shirodhara + Shiro'bhyanga
90 minutes

Marma Point Therapy
A full-body treatment using marma points throughout the body to relieve stress, anxiety, and stuck energy.  Using meridian lines of the body, marma treatment can even work with weak bladders, heart conditions, adrenal glands, etc.  
60 Minutes

Warm oil in the nostrils to help clients with allergies, dry sinuses, snoring, anxiety and concentration. 

Karna Purna
Warm oil massages into the ear.  Creates peace in the mind, calms anxiety, helps with earwax, sinus trouble, migraines, and hearing issues.

Nasya + Karna Purna Treatment
30 Minutes

Please contact me for pricing and reccomendations. All of these treatments are customized to each client and most are done in combination with a few others.  For example, a beautiful and revitalizing session would start with Garshana to awaken the body to accept the medical treatments, followed with Abhyanga, and then Nasya and Karna Purna.  


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