Guided Meditation

Take a moment for yourself.
Connect with your breath and begin to still your mind.

It can seem slightly intimidating to sit down to meditate and may feel even more overwhelming if you have a very active mind that is choosing to constantly remind you the long list of things you need to complete. This is the very reason to begin a daily meditation practice. Guided meditation is lovely in the way it assists in keeping the mind focused through the imagery used. A specific meditation will be chosen to ensure that you are receiving exactly what you need on that given day.

The body responds meditation by lower cortisol (the stress hormone in the body) levels, lower blood pressure, easing tension in the body, and by balancing our emotions. Energy work can loosen lodged emotional and physically trauma that the body is storing in the muscles, tissues, and joints. By working with this trapped energy, you can begin to process and then release old emotions that can be damaging your health. This freedom will bring a sense of ease and peace to your entire body and mind.

Guided Meditation and Energy Work have profound benefits for all, especially in teaching children how to process their emotion rather than being controlled by the emotion. To children, a guided mediation session feels like an incredibly relaxing story time where they are the author to their own adventure.