Personalized Yoga Practice + Guided Meditation
Pre + Post-Natal Yoga

Personal Yoga Practice
A 75 minute yoga sequence will be developed for each client dependent on their current health, energy, and needs. With Rasa Yoga, the connection to the breath is always the main focus and each pose is held for a minimum of ten breathes to allow the body and mind to become still. Holding the poses for a slightly longer time will signal to the muscles and fascia tissue to soften. Blending Ayurvedic principles into the practice with heating vs. cooling poses to ensure the client receives exactly what they need, on that specific day. Each class will have guided meditation and breath work.

Prenatal Yoga
Once the mama-to-be has entered her second trimester, she will greatly benefit from a gentle prenatal class. Yoga during pregnancy prepares the body for the grand transitions that are taking place; making space for the baby to grow, softening ligaments and tendons around the pelvic flood, relieving lower back pain, reducing heartburn and indigestion.

Postnatal Yoga
Six weeks after giving birth, a postnatal yoga practice will tremendously enhance the healing process for the new mama. Postnatal yoga will begin to balance hormones, soothe body aches, relieve muscle tension, and promote a feeling of well-being and easefulness.

Eye pillows, blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, and props are provided.