Nutrition + Meal Planning

Anahata’s focus for nutrition is on education and building awareness about seasonal eating with foods found locally in your community. It is our hopes to make cooking fun again by getting you back into the kitchen, getting your for hands dirty, and witness first-hand how satisfying it can be to create a meal for yourself or your family.

Digestion is key to optimum health and by learning which foods you are consuming that are augmenting vs extracting or cooling vs heating can have a major impact on your mental clarity, energy level, and the strength of your immune system.

Some people are able to digest foods incredibly well where others may need certain spices to assist their body in assimilating the nutrients. The beauty of Ayurveda is that we can discover which foods are best for us and will bring us back to a state of balance. Certain foods that may be ideal for you to consume during hot summer months because of their cooling properties; such as, cucumber and cilantro, are not ideal to eat in abundance throughout the cold winter.

With the ever-changing schedules of families, it can be challenging to prepare a homemade meal each evening. However, you would be amazed at how quickly a deliciously nutritious meal can come together with the help of a few of Ayurveda’s tricks for the kitchen. For an individual, a family, or a special event, Anahata wants to get you excited about healthy foods! Anahata’s Nutrition and Meal Planning services are:

  • Prepare balanced meals in your home

  • Provide in-depth cooking lessons

  • Teach how to cook with fresh herbs and spices

  • Assist you in creating an herb or vegetable garden for your home